Systems Needed

You need access to an internet to be able to use the syllabus; it’s better to have high speed internet, although it’s not essential. You can reduce the amount of time your children spend watching the Looney Tunes amusement between the academic segments if you don’t have enough time or your internet speed is too low.

Looney Tunes Phonics combines a healthy amount of lively content so that the amusement part of the course is intensified. It takes longer to load the lessons that present fresh and lively stories at first compared to others. It is advisable to organise the amusement content to short or medium on the student setup page if you have a slow internet connection or limited class time.

The programme can run on:

  • WindowsXP
  • Windows7
  • MacOSX
  • Firefox3.15
  • Firefox3.16
  • Firefox4
  • InternetExplorer8
  • InternetExplorer9
  • Safari

Simple Usage

Looney Tunes is the easiest programme you will ever use, in fact, you won’t find another curriculum that is as straightforward. You will definitely not encounter any problems when using Looney Tunes Phonics! It is all online, you don’t have to download or install anything. Each lesson needs more time to load at first to keep the quality of its replay.

You don’t have to wait for shipping. Once you’ve bought the programme online you can login straightaway and set up an account. You can start to use the programme in no time – it’s literally within a few minutes!

There is more… The programme is backed up for you, so you don’t have worry if your computer breaks down. You won’t lose your programme! Plus, Looney Tunes Phonics doesn’t take up any space on your hard drive. Their company stores your software and the marks from each lesson on their own server.

Students can use Looney Tunes Phonics anywhere they want- at home, whilst going to see family or on any journey! Now do you believe me when I said earlier that it doesn’t get any easier?


Your children will use the most recent edition of Looney Tunes because their software is kept up-to-date and upgraded frequently because of its delivery method. After they upgrade their software on their server, you can use the revised version immediately. You will not experience any disconnections or disruptions the next time you login. And guess what? All this is done for you free of charge. So, go ahead and give Looney Tunes ClickN READ a trial, you can send it back if you feel that it doesn’t work. The programme designers are confident that you won’t do this! That’s because your child will master reading, a very important skill that can determines how successful they become in the future.

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