Search for the Toboggan in Into the Snow: A Stella and Sam Adventure

into snow

Based on the well-loved television and book series by Marie-Louse Gay, Into the Snow: A Stella and Sam Adventure is a delightful interactive story book that is perfect for beginner learners. It does not have text content, but it is rich with seamless, watercolor treated animation sequences that tie-in with three mini games. The voice acting is superb, lending this early learners app a lively quality that will captivate young fans the world over.

Going through the story efficiently will take only five minutes but that time triples as your child explores the story himself. As there are no text markers, parents may need to guide very young children, depending on how they grasp the mechanics.

This charming app features simple interactive activities that are related to Stella and her brother, Sam's, quest to find their lost toboggan. As is the signature of the popular series, the story is quite sweet and appropriate for delicate tots. There are three activities all in all, with each one organically weaving into the adventure.

The first activity will have your child creating figures in a snow style game. Stella demonstrates how it is done by arranging twigs into fascinating shapes, demonstrating what a few sticks and a little imagination can do. Your child can then interact with the app by using the touch screen to drag twigs themselves. This forms a new pattern, creating stick men and boats with sails. These fascinating shapes come to life as new details are added in automatically. An ocean completes the scene along with an interactive shark fin that can be moved with a tap as well as squiggles of birds flying in the distance.

The second game will task little ones to build their very own snowman. There aren't many christmas snow games on the app store that allow you to build a snowman. The options are quite limited as they only need to choose one of two items for some of the categories (nose, hat, arm) located in either side of the screen. Tapping on an item will add that accessory to the child's virtual creation instantly. This is a very basic activity that is perfect for toddlers.

Another activity involves "brushing" snow away in order to uncover items that are hidden underneath. Each activity may be replayed with a new puzzle, giving kids a means to retry their favorite sections. Tapping around the pages may also give additional interactive responses to delight your little ones.

As there is no way to make a mistake in any of these interactive sections, pushing forward in the story relies more on your child's understanding of the mechanics rather than in level of skill. This makes it a perfect story for parents and kids to bond over before bed time. Favorite parts of the story may be revisited using the app's convenient menu.

Into the Snow: A Stella and Sam Adventure is highly accessible and is intuitive for tots to enjoy and play. Watching the animations and being a part of the adventure is a wonderful experience for both child and parent as the interactive tidbits are perfect for bed time bonding. Into the Snow is definitely a great fit for long-time series fans but even new players will find the title to be a gem as long as they understand spoken instructions. Otherwise, we recommend some grown-up participation until the little ones grasp the mechanics.

If you think this series of apps seems like a good addition to your child's virtual library, you may want to take a peek at the Stella and Sam story pack as it contains Into the Snow and four other games at a bargain price.

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