Reading the Report

The sample Cumulative Report has 61 letter sounds shown individually and 13 additional instruction areas, which emerge in each lesson. The report tells you:

  1. How many times each sound appeared up-to-date.
  2. The number of the lesson/s teaching each letter sound.
  3. The number of times the students recognised the sounds correctly during their first attempt( calculated into a percentage).

A Comparative percentage is displayed for each student user. As for schools, averages for every student in the class is shown.

A child should repeat the lesson if their mark is 10% less compared to the All Users percentage.

Repeat the lesson highlighted in the Lesson Number row if the mark is low. Make sure that you don’t repeat the lesson number(s) completed again though!

Schools can use the This Teacher column to clarify the particular sections the entire class is having problems with. It is advisable to regularly print a copy of the report to give to parents so that they can assist them. Support areas can be highlighted and suggestions included about how parents might be able to support their child.

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