Progress Reports

Looney Tunes ClickN READ offers excellent progress reports for both parents & teachers.
Parents and teachers can view each students mouse and keyboard entry whenever they want and from all onscreen computers. Looney Tunes ClickN READ progress reports are incredibly accurate and precise; no other programme can produce the same results.

Cumulative Results Report

The cumulative results report merges each individual report into one simple condensed report tailored for every user. You can view percentage results and make comparisons with other people who use ClickN READ. You can see precisely where your child requires additional input and do the lessons again if needed.

Individual Lesson Report

These are displayed after each lesson is completed, revealing precisely how every child has performed individually. The report tells you the number of times a student answered correctly the first time round, the numerous attempts they made, and the details that needed multiple efforts. Each lesson report is saved automatically and you can see them whenever you like onscreen.

School License Report

This is a great management device for schools; it examines the levels of activity and you can see which teacher and student have used the program.

Click here to view a sample reportSample Report

School Administrators

Those who administer the package are able to log on and retrieve records to write reports. They can gives pupils certificates more efficiently, too. In addition, administrators can see precisely where supports required so that the number of people using the package can be further enhanced and to help increase their investment return.


Looney Tunes ClickN READ enhances teachers’ ability to manage their time better. Teachers are given an individual control panel that highlights the following:

  • Up-to-date lessons for all students in addition to finished lessons.
  • The average number of lessons completed each week.
  • The total numbers of weeks the package is used and the dates for when it was first used and who used it last.
  • The above enables the teacher to do several things at a time as well as handling numerous students more efficiently.

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