Bookworm: Word Game Fans Just Love it!

bookworm word game

Bookworm is a superb addictive word game from Popcap that all the family will love to play especially fans of word search games or the ever popular Scrabble. It has been available for some time for the PC but this DS version brings it bang up to date having added new modes of play plus an great Multiplayer option.

Bookworm is well suited to the DS platform while it is really good fun along with the added bonus of being educational. The player begins with a board of lettered tiles that are jumbled in such a fashion that hidden words are located within the board. Your task to find them. The basic premise is similar to many word search magazines that have been published in the past that I have spent many an hour studying while on train journeys.

In order to point out a word you have found you drag your stylus along the tiles so it automatically inputs your selection. Once you are sure of your word selection simply tap submit. Its as easy as that. The longer the word you find the higher the score you will achieve very much like in Scrabble. Always remember, if it is possible to add an “s” on the end of your word then do so as it will enhance your score further.

Bookworm is really clever making the player want to carry on spelling as reaching a certain score will press you on to the next level. These levels become increasingly more exciting with different types of tile being presented. One of the most challenging is the fire tile. Shuffling your word tiles around will create more of the fire tiles so watch out for this. He was my enemy right from the word go (pardon the pun). The fire tile will appear and wherever it is located it will burn down towards the tile underneath when you make a word. You must not let this tile loose as it will burn down to the bottom of the board , burn out your library, so bringing the game to a halt.

Bookworm enables you to keep a track of your score and statistics as you play which is a plus. These include

1. Total point score from all games played
2. Your average word score
3. Total number of word tiles used in a game
4. Longest words you have located
5. The highest score for a word found

There are books to collect that have certain words in them such as the clothing book that will have words appropriate to the title, for instance, tie, shoe or shirt while finding all the words in a book opens up new new rooms for you to look at, its great fun!

The two major modes of play are Classic mode that gives you limitless time to find a word or Action Mode that is a little more difficult as your word tiles start to burn if you don’t use them quickly enough. Multiplayer is great fun as two players can battle it out to find words to achieve a score set out from the start. The only down side to Multiplayer is the fact that as you are using separate boards your opponent can be planning his next word that may foil your plans but that said it is still loads of fun.

Visually Bookworm is very well set out. It is colourful plus artistic and is very easy to find your way around. Fans of word search games will love this edition plus it is an educational way to while away a few hours and at the same time have lots of fun.

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