Bookworm Adventures 2: What a Clever Worm!

The green worm is back with another addictive word puzzle game from PopCap that will keep you riveted for hours. Bookworm Adventures 2 is a more than adequate sequel to the original that keeps the same well loved formula but that takes us onto books four, five and six following on from the first three.

There are three different worlds in this edition namely Fractured Fairytales , The Monkey King and Astounding Planet all with ten great levels. You will find the first few levels relatively easy so newcomers will be able to get a feel for the game while the further on you go in the game the more of a challenge it becomes.

There are many cute characters in Bookworm Adventures 2  including The Cat and the Fiddle, The Space Cow, The Little Pig, The Grandma, many of which will help you win bonuses as you play along. A really interesting feature is linking words to a theme. For instance link the word bacon as you fight the little pig and you will receive a bonus, its great fun!

Players still have to create the longest word they possibly can to gain higher scores so the spelling element that brings an educational feel to the game is still present. The better the letters you use, the higher the score, the better you will be able to fend off your enemies, its as simple as that. As with the first edition there are tiles that will set on fire while this time around some of the tiles will become jewels. This is useful as red jewels can be used to set fire to opponents or blue ones can be used to freeze them so you can have two plays in a row. Your adversaries do of course have the same access to jewels so watch out for that.

Lex your worm can win tools as you play along as well as time travel while other characters he meets will help him. The new addition of rainbow tiles is interesting. Gain a rainbow tile and you can use it as any letter you wish, its a bit like the blank in Scrabble. There are so many good additions this time it really does make it a worthy follow on.

There are literally hundreds of new enemies all very amusing with their own take on things. The characters in the Fairytale Chapter are especially good including flying skeletons and evil robots. The Monkey King has a mythical theme while Astounding Planet’s characters are just plain barmy!

Bookworm Adventures 2 encourages players to use their imagination in terms of spelling words as the longer they are the more you will score. This brings out the word master in you as you strive to think of longer more complicated words to link to themes so you will gain more upgrades and bonuses, while all the time you will have more power to destroy your opponents.

Graphically the game is captivating. The vivid colours are beautiful to look at while the cute characters along with the gruesome ones will bring a smile to your face. The game is easy to work out in terms of how to play while the gradual build in difficulty is a real plus. The soundtrack is really good being well suited to the cute character images. Adults and children alike will love playing Bookworm Adventures 2 while parents will embrace the fact that not only is this game a lot of fun but it is educational too.

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